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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Still no beard growth.

-drinking Danish beer on the street with my roomate Iver-Norwegian living in Paris.
-post-dinner chatting and counting glasses of wine and chatting human rights
Well I'm hoping that if anyone's reading this blog they won't be so dissapointed in my growin-beard failures that they stop tuning in. That would be a shame. I've still got time! Hang in there everbody!

Yesterday was the first full day here in Denmark, and it was fantastic. We're staying in what is called a "Folk High School" which is really a beautiful old mansion in a tiny village on the eastern coast of Denmark. We can walk to the water in about five minutes and see Sweden staring back across the blue. It is magnificent here. So cute it's like a caricature of itself. I almost feel bad... like I'm stereotyping or something. It's so absolutely Danish and wonderful.

The subject yesterday was the roled of mass media in democracy. We discussed the topic, both explicitly and implicitly, through the lens of the Muhammed cartoon crisis Denmark. There were media representatives, including a gentleman from the paper which produced the cartoons, a Danish foreign ministry guy and a local muslim leader. It was fascinating and insightful. The group here is made up of a lot of very smart students, and they asked brilliant questions. I was in heaven.

I've got to go now, as the first session is about to begin. I'll be trying to limit my intake of the wonderful Danish coffee today. I learned my lesson yesterday sitting through long sessions with a very full bladder.

cheers all.


At 2:53 AM, Blogger Myron Penner said...

Hey Marty - no worries about the beard. There is quite enuf facial (& otherwise) hair to go around the family.

Cool. I didn't know you're in Denmark. I have to say I'm a little jealous. I'm just across the North Sea from you in Edinburgh (research @ U of Edniburgh). Wish we could hook up. I'm working on some political theology stuff at the moment which you might find interesting (or incredibly boring).


At 4:05 PM, Blogger donaldscott3 said...

i meeeeeese you marteeeee. sorry i didn't say goodbye--we'll talk later

At 6:33 PM, Blogger jipa said...

martin, as always you're life remains to appear to me like some kind of charmed pseudo double 0 agent's existence, though i'm sure that can't possibly be intirely correct. Hope you're having a blast. be well


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