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Sunday, June 11, 2006


I'm sitting on some steps in a small stree named Rue Clément in Paris, having wandered here in search of some wifi signal. And weak as it may be, I have certainly found some! It's warm in Paris right now; too warm for my Canadian blood. But if that's my biggest complaint about the place, and it is, thtings will be just fine.
Sorry about the double posting of pictures on here, by the way. I never claimed to know how to use one of these computees... Seriously though, Paris has been fantastic so far, but I should say a bit about Copenhagen first.
Copenhagen: actually, we didn't stay in the city, but outside of it in an idyllic village called Krogerup. I know it looks like it would be easy to say, but if there's one thing I learned from Aladin it's not to judge a book by its cover. Basically, if you filled your mouth with gravel, after washing it, then made a gurgly noise that started with K and ended with P you'd probably be far closer than I ever got. I think it was probably good that we were outside the city. The program was very intense and demanding, but the pleasantness of the surroundings, the cool night air, the sea, the green of the grass, the down duvets and amazing food, all contributed to a feeling of holiday and relaxednessitude. It was also an intense time socially. There were approx 100 fellows there, all motivated and smart as whips. As sessions ended we would head out into the warm sun and cool breezes for coffee or cigarettes and the discussion and debate would simply change venue. Never before have I been around so many people with like interests. Issues which bore so many of my regular companions are bread and water for these people. It was an honour to be surrounded by so many of them.
It was also sad to say goodbye. Those heading to Berlin, Warsaw and those staying in Denmark will not be joining us for the final part of the program in Amsterdam, but will be meeting together in Berlin. While I may have far simpler goals for the social aspect of this trip than some of the younger students, it is amazing how an experience like this can connect you to people in the space of a week or so. The last night in Krogerup we danced and drank and talked till the sun came up, which in Denmark this time of year is much earlier than in Seattle, but nevertheless, it was great.

So this is too long already, so I'll simply bullet-point some highlights of the Paris experience so far. If I have time later I'll come back to them, or else I won't. It's up to me. I am the boss.
-my place-amazing location in the 7th arr. my room is on the 8th floor (122 spiral steps). I climb out onto the roof and see the Eiffel Tower in one direction, Notre Dame in the other.
-the people-the fellows here are fantastic.
-dinner at a Basque restaurant-enough fat to float a boat, and soooo good. Common tables. Stumbly French speaking.
-riding home last night at 3:30 on a beautiful old bicycle loaned to me by my friend Iver.

there's so much more. Have to go tho. Love to all of you. Drop me a line if you like!


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