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Sunday, June 18, 2006

so sorry, or sairry as you yankees like to say.

Sorry for the no-postage in a while. I had all my fingers stolen while I was sleeping on the Metro. I had to buy these ones from a pawner at the marché aux puces (flea market).
Paris is lovely of course. Had a great day yesterday. Went to a flea market, more of a crap market actually, then had an amazing dinner with intern-Michael from Berkely. Seriously nice food, the best meal I've had in Paris. After dinner Michael and I walked about 9 miles to a nightclub to meet a bunch of the kids. The poor girls kept getting harrased by this drunk guy who would sneak up behind them and roar in their ears. Like a lion. Not sure what his deal was. I ducked out of there a bit early and rode, just a touch tipsy, through the night streets to the Moosehead, a Canadian expat bar which was showing the oilers game, starting at 2 am. So I sat with some very nice Candians and drank La Fin du Monde and watched Edmonton kick the crap out of Carolina. Ahhh, it was a wonderful night. The sun was coming up when I rode home at 5:30 to collapse into my bed. And then this morning I wiped out coming down the spiral stairs/death trap of my chambre de bonne. My little morrocan slippers have slick leather soles, and my bruised and bleeding elbow is paying the price. Ah well.
Tried to put some pictures up, but no go with the sketchy signal here. I'll have to do that later.

The program has been varied and of a very high quality. They warned us from the beginning about the amount of information we would be exposed to, and they weren't kidding. I think my favourite trip so far has been the visit to the appeals court for those who have been denied refugee status. Noble noble work. We listened to a father plead the case for his family not to be sent back to Croatia, where they were in constant threat of violence. His wife too sick to sit up. His little girl, who had spent two years in the custody of kidnappers, looked around the room with a big smile and bright eyes, unaware of the gravity of what was going on. It was intense.

Well, I need to go. We have a meeting this afternoon and I don't like being late. Hope you are all well.


At 2:54 AM, Blogger reedster said...

arrrr, the torment of watching carolina lift the cup. terrible, just terrible. besides that i hope paris and the rest of your adventure is just cheery. props for the growth of your beard! cheers

At 4:20 PM, Blogger astrotoby said...

actually it's more like, "saaahhhrry". well maybe not.

how's the beard?


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