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I find most things in life both scary and thrilling. I suppose I should hope it's always this way, but sometimes it feels like an awful lot of work.

Monday, December 03, 2007

The Visit

I said goodbye a few days ago to my sister Holly and my brother in law Josh. They visited for 10 days and it was a pleasure to have them. I feel at home enough here to take ownership and pride in the showing off of this crazy and beautiful region.
So, a few pictures just to say what what.
1. St. George's monastery in Wadi Quelt. This was a 6km hike in from Jericho. The ravine was so beautiful, with caves where monks used to live, and some caves where monks still live. We tried to give fruit to one, but no go. We probably would've caused him to break his 20 year vow of silence or something. I couldn't live with myself if that happened.
2. lunch in a Druze village in the north. They make the best shewarma I've ever had with these huge crèpe-like pitas and lots of pickled beets...mmmm
3. moustache in full effect with Wadi in background. Yes, I realize I can't grow anything in the middle. Thank you.
4. my feline doppleganger.
5. my handsome family.


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