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Sunday, April 20, 2008

photos at last!

After a long absence (involuntary) the blog is back with some photooos. Not quite sure how these will come out, but we'll give it a try quoi.

1.My hostess for a full week in Dakar, Virginie. This pic was taken on the Isle de Madelaine, a tiny little scrub of rock and bird poop with a gorgeous natural pool, interesting rock formations and some squat baobob trees.

2. This is Dakar from the big boat which goes to Ziguinchour in Senegal's separatist Cassamance region. The 15 hour trip was enjoyable, though next time I will spring the extra 3000 CFA for a bed.

3. First haircut in... a long time, performed with a leatherman. My hair is in a real state at this point, but getting it cut here is out of the question. "White hair" is the dark side of the moon.

4. Lost at Sea! Failed attempt to hail a boat for some help.

5. A turban is one of the most practical thing for an overland/overwater traveller.


At 4:40 PM, Blogger Byron and Eileen Hartzler said...

people here think that wearing a turban over there would be miserable, but it is the best to keep the sun off your face as it pounds you over there, and it keeps the sand out of your mouth and eyes in the sand storms.
looks fun.


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