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I find most things in life both scary and thrilling. I suppose I should hope it's always this way, but sometimes it feels like an awful lot of work.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Procrastination in the Nation.

I'm sitting in a gorgeous little park on a bench, surrounded by leafy trees and lots of elderly Parisians. I'm supposed to be writing hte paper we're handing in tomorrow, but blogging is too easy to justify. Here's a couple of photos. The first is from the fête de la musique, an amazing city-wide music festival which happened last week. I got to see Césaria Evora, which I never though would happen in my lifetime. This photo, however, is artist David Walters, as seen through the rain. It was such a wonderful festival, but quite crazy. This event was held in the beautiful courtyard/garden of a very old building complex called Hotel de Sully. The act following Walters was a reggae band. They were absolutely fantastic, and the crowd was right there with them despite the rain. But apparently the courtyard had become so packed with people that they had swung the ancient old wooden doors shut, locking out all those who had been waiting in the street for an entrance. Some time after this they turned off the speakers, the band stumbled to a stop like a wind-up toy running out of juice, and somebody announced that they were rioting in the streets, and the concert was over. I later found a video online that someone had shot of what was happening. People were yelling and shoving. They had made a battering ram out of something and were trying to break down this beautiful old door. There were cries of "La Bastille" and something about rich people. It was fully frightening. When we eventually made our way out of the concert the mood in the street was expectant and sharp, like the first sight of blood. And almost every single person had a bottle of wine in their hand. Revolution is in the ancient paving stones in this city. Sitting just under the surface. But that night I could've held it in my hand.
The other picture is from my roof, again. For you poor devils dstined to be subjected to a slide show on my return, you'll probably find that a good 65% of the pictures will be from my roof. Ahhh. Again, I'm the boss.
That's all, lovelies. Keep up the good work! Now I'm out of batteries, so more excuses to procrastinate! Yesssss


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